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    A sample of a recent adventure.

    Hinton - Wab - Beach129Hinton - Wab - Beach116 Hinton - Wab - Beach067 Hinton - Wab - Beach091kananaskis country107 kananaskis country096Hinton - Wab - Beach023

    Hinton - Wab - Beach013 Hinton - Wab - Beach010


    Wet in Waterton

    wet in waterton064

    wet in waterton060 wet in waterton051 wet in waterton018 wet in waterton008 wet in waterton005

    wet in waterton224 wet in waterton114 wet in waterton193 wet in waterton110 wet in waterton105 wet in waterton148


    Our River and Leisure

    University project waxing poetic about the river valley and leisure activity. I plan to update it, hopefully, this summer.

    Our River and Leisure from Adam L. Roy on Vimeo.


    Grown Up Work At Home

    There's no real rhyme to this test, I reckon, as I'm just playing around with those new Portrait settings on the GH4 everyone is yakking about. Shooting on the Panasonic 14-45mm, which seems fun, although not having a constant aperture is ridiculous, and I'm finding it really frustrating. I have other lenses, but I just bought this old kit lens because, well, I wanted it.

    In this short video, my fiancee was extremely patient with me as I shot her doing big person city work that I don't understand.

    Music: Passing Time With Burst Of Erraticness by Jared C. Balogh (

    Lazy Saturday with the Panasonic 14-45mm from Adam L. Roy on Vimeo.


    Panasonic 14-45mm

    14-45 Day 1001 14-45 Day 1008 14-45 Day 1010 14-45 Day 1024 14-45 Day 1034 14-45 Day 1057 14-45 Day 1056 14-45 Day 1098