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    Edmonton Valley ZOO!

    Elephant pee:

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    The adventure awaits:

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    ...5 Second Western

    ...This 5 second scene was taken from a day of shooting B-roll at the local gigantic fair for the local gigantic company I work for. I shot video for a western shootout, and after their performance, managed to get two of their actors to give me this fun clip. Its short, but it has a gun, so that's cool.

    ...5 Second Western from Adam L. Roy on Vimeo.


    Further Lens Whacking

    I haven't really done any video for fun lately, and lens whacking with a old timey 50mm f/1.7 sorta' got some o' dat creative juices flowing. Regardless, there isn't anything more than a dude out walking with a Canon 60d and a Takumar lens.

    Further Lens Whacking from Adam L. Roy on Vimeo.


    Lens Whackz

    In which I experiment with skirting copyright laws and lens whacking with a Canon 60d body and my mom's old, old, old Takumar 28mm f/2.8.

    I left that thing in the trunk of my car for, like, 3 years. All the gear seems to work as best as I can tell. Of course, lens whacking doesn't really let me mount the lenses, so I guess I may never know for sure.

    Lens Whackz from Adam L. Roy on Vimeo.