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    Yasper 2014

    Pyramid Lake during Halloween 2014.

    Fall into Jasper 2014 010 Fall into Jasper 2014 029 Fall into Jasper 2014 048

    Fall into Jasper 2014 063 Fall into Jasper 2014 073 Fall into Jasper 2014 141 Fall into Jasper 2014 157 Fall into Jasper 2014 188 Fall into Jasper 2014 161 Fall into Jasper 2014 256 Fall into Jasper 2014 272


    Leaf Us Alone!

    The leaves behind our condo.

    leaf us alone028 leaf us alone015 leaf us alone021


    Fyuck Da Law

    Out for a walk with the fiancee and the Panasonic GH4, I decided to finally do something other than photography. I'm pretty sure I bought this thing for video, but really haven't done anything besides photos with it.

    The title, "Fyuck Da Law," was stolen from City sign we noticed had been vandalized. The sign warned of danger up ahead on a rocky trail.

    Fyuck Da Law from Adam L. Roy on Vimeo.


    fLOWers GH4

    The more and more I use the GH4, the more and more capable I find it as a real-life, usable camera. I had reservations at first, but that was just my fault, honestly. Coming from Canon, I was unfamiliar with how to properly utilize the Panasonic workflow. Now that I have a better grasp on it, the GH4 is a venerable tool.

    fLOWers GH4 001 fLOWers GH4 002 fLOWers GH4 008 fLOWers GH4 009 fLOWers GH4 012 fLOWers GH4 011


    BandW GH4

    This set explores an alley across the street from where I live, and I only began exploring it recently. I find it to be amazing. An eclectic mix of both neglected post-war and boom-town architecture.

    BandW 020 BandW 024 BandW 022 BandW 028 BandW 008 BandW 018 BandW 034 BandW 007 BandW 003